Elden Ring

Crystal Staff

Crystal Staff is a catalyst found in Elden Ring. It is a staff fashioned from pure crystal that enhances Crystalian sorceries. Only those with high intellect can wield this staff, which requires 48 intelligence. It provides guards against fire, holy, lightning, and magic attacks, and has a physical guard boost of 17. The staff has a physical power of 31 and weighs 4.5 units. It is of the type 'Glintstone Staff' and does not have any skills.

Where can I find the Crystal Staff?

The Crystal Staff can be found in a treasure chest inside the Academy Crystal Cave, located near the Crystalline Woods grace in Liurnia of the Lakes. It requires 2 Stonesword Keys to access.

What are the requirements to wield the Crystal Staff?

The Crystal Staff requires 48 intelligence to wield.

What is the weight of the Crystal Staff?

The Crystal Staff weighs 4.5 units.