Elden Ring

Crucible Axe Armor

Crucible Axe Armor is a chest armor worn by the knight Ordovis and his men. It holds the power of the crucible of life and strengthens Aspect of the Crucible incantations. The armor provides various defense stats and can be acquired after defeating a boss in Auriza Hero's Grave.

What is the weight of the Crucible Axe Armor?

The weight of the Crucible Axe Armor is 15.5.

What are the stats of the Crucible Axe Armor?

The physical defense of the armor is 17.5. The strike defense is 13.9, the slash defense is 16.8, and the pierce defense is 16.8. The magic defense is 13.0, the fire defense is 12.8, the lightning defense is 11.4, and the holy defense is 13.5. The armor has 50% immunity, 71% robustness, 35% focus, 35 vitality, and 27 poise.

How can I acquire the Crucible Axe Armor?

The Crucible Axe Armor is received after beating the Crucible Knight Duo boss inside Auriza Hero's Grave located in Altus Plateau.