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The Commoner's Simple Garb (Altered) is a chest armor in Elden Ring. It is a modest garb made of cloth, typically worn by commoners in the Lands Between. The armor piece depicts a sprawling tree on a board hanging from the neck, symbolizing allegiance to the Erdtree and increasing faith. It has various resistances and defenses, and can be altered for customization. Read on to find out more about the Commoner's Simple Garb (Altered) in Elden Ring.

Where can I find the Commoner's Simple Garb?

The unaltered version can be found on a corpse right next to the Doorside Chamber grace inside Stormveil Castle.

How can I alter the Commoner's Simple Garb?

You can alter the Commoner's Simple Garb at a site of grace or by using the services of Boc.