Elden Ring

Enemy: Commoner

Commoners are lower-class hostile citizens of Lands Between. They can be found in most major settlements and wear boards around their necks representing their allegiance to the Erdtree. Frenzied commoners are more aggressive and maddened, necromancers can resurrect skeletons, imprisoned commoners are found in Volcano Manor, and death-serving commoners can cast Fia's Mist and are found in the Capital Outskirts.

Where can I find commoners in the game?

Commoners can be found in most major settlements in the game, such as Stormveil Castle, Fort Haight, Liurnia of the Lakes, and more.

What do the boards around the commoners' necks represent?

The boards worn by commoners depict a tree with holes formed by its roots, representing their allegiance to the Erdtree.

What is the difference between regular commoners and frenzied commoners?

Frenzied commoners are maddened and can be found in places touched by the frenzied flame. They have a more aggressive fighting style and can inflict madness on their enemies.

What is the special ability of necromancers?

Necromancers found in Black Knife Catacombs can continuously resurrect nearby Skeletons by preventing them from being permanently killed.

Where can I find imprisoned commoners?

Imprisoned commoners can only be found in Volcano Manor. They are clad in ragged loincloths and headbands.

What is the role of death-serving commoners?

Death-serving commoners are dressed similarly to necromancers and can cast Fia's Mist. They are found in the Capital Outskirts surrounding an Omen.