Elden Ring

Coldbone_Bolt - Information and Crafting Recipe

The Coldbone_Bolt is a craftable bolt in ER made from animal bone with a frozen tip. It afflicts targets with frost. Here is the crafting recipe and other details about the bolt.

How can I obtain the Coldbone_Bolt?

You can obtain the Coldbone_Bolt by crafting it.

What are the required items for crafting the Coldbone_Bolt?

The required items for crafting the Coldbone_Bolt are Thin Beast Bones x2 and Rimed Crystal Bud x3.

What status effects does the Coldbone_Bolt cause?

The Coldbone_Bolt does not cause any status effects.

Is the Coldbone_Bolt parryable?

No, the Coldbone_Bolt is not parryable.

Can the Coldbone_Bolt be deflected?

Yes, the Coldbone_Bolt can be deflected.