Elden Ring

Coastal Cave - Elden Ring Dungeon in Limgrave

Coastal Cave is a dungeon located on the west coast of Limgrave in the game Elden Ring. It is the home of a tribe of Demi-Humans and contains a passage to an island where the Church of Dragon Communion is located. Inside the cave, players can find a Site of Grace, encounter the Demi-Human Chief boss, and collect valuable loot and crafting materials.

Where is Coastal Cave located?

Coastal Cave is located in the region of Limgrave on the west coast.

What can be found inside Coastal Cave?

Inside Coastal Cave, you can find a tribe of Demi-Humans, a Site of Grace, and crafting materials. There is also a passage that leads to an island off Limgrave's shore where the Church of Dragon Communion is located.

Who is the boss of Coastal Cave?

The boss of Coastal Cave is the Demi-Human Chief.

What loot can be obtained from the Demi-Human Chief in Coastal Cave?

From the Demi-Human Chief in Coastal Cave, you can obtain the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools.

What crafting materials can be found in Coastal Cave?

Crafting materials found in Coastal Cave include the Smoldering Butterfly, Cave Moss, Land Octopus Ovary, and Silver Firefly.