Elden Ring

Cleanrot Knights - Enemy in ER

Cleanrot Knights are enemies in the game ER. They can be found in various locations and drop valuable items. Cleanrot Knights wield different weapons depending on their rank, and some have special abilities like ranged attacks and the ability to vomit Scarlet Rot. In Stillwater Cave and Abandoned Cave, players will encounter boss-level Cleanrot Knights in unique environments.

Where can Cleanrot Knights be found?

Cleanrot Knights can be found in various locations such as Caelid, War-Dead Catacombs, Shaded Castle, Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs, and Miquella's Haligtree.

What items do Cleanrot Knights drop?

Cleanrot Knights drop various items such as the Cleanrot Armor Set, Cleanrot Spear, Halo Scythe, and Cleanrot Knight's Sword.

What weapons do Cleanrot Knights wield?

Most Cleanrot Knights wield a Cleanrot Spear with a small shield on its shaft. Cleanrot Knight commanders wield the Halo Scythe as their primary weapon.

What special abilities do Cleanrot Knights have?

Cleanrot Knight commanders prefer ranged combat and may vomit Scarlet Rot during direct confrontations.

What are the boss enemies encountered in Stillwater Cave and Abandoned Cave?

In Stillwater Cave, a lone Cleanrot Knight is encountered in partially flooded, poisonous waters. In Abandoned Cave, a Cleanrot Knight and its commander are encountered in partially flooded scarlet rot waters, surrounded by the remains of Abductor Virgins.