Elden Ring

Cathedral of Manus Celes

The Cathedral of Manus Celes is a large, dilapidated church located in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. Situated atop the Moonlight Altar, it offers a breathtaking view of Liurnia. Guarded by the dragon Adula, the Cathedral is known for its abundance of Starlight Shards. Within its halls, one can find Ranni the Witch and encounter the formidable boss Glintstone Dragon Adula. The Cathedral holds various valuable loot including Dragon Heart, Adula's Moonblade, and Dark Moon Greatsword. The name 'Manus Celes' means 'Hidden Hand' in Latin, possibly alluding to the secrets concealed within the Cathedral.

Where is the Cathedral of Manus Celes located?

The Cathedral is located in the Liurnia of the Lakes region, atop the Moonlight Altar.

Who guards the Cathedral of Manus Celes?

The Cathedral is guarded by Adula, a dragon in Ranni's service.

What can be found inside the Cathedral?

Inside the Cathedral, you can find a large number of Starlight Shards. There is also a small cavern accessible through a hole in the back of the church, where Ranni the Witch can be found sitting atop the corpse of her Two Fingers.

Are there any other locations within the Cathedral?

Yes, there is another location called the Cathedral of Manus Celes (Grace) found inside the Cathedral itself. It is surrounded by Starlight Shards.

Who are some NPCs and bosses in the Cathedral?

Ranni the Witch is an NPC that can be found in the Cathedral. Glintstone Dragon Adula is a boss that can be encountered in the Cathedral.

What notable loot can be found in the Cathedral?

Notable loot found in the Cathedral includes Starlight Shards, Dragon Heart (obtained from Glintstone Dragon Adula), Adula's Moonblade (obtained from Glintstone Dragon Adula), and Dark Moon Greatsword (obtained from Ranni).

What is the meaning of the name 'Manus Celes'?

The name 'Manus Celes' means 'Hidden Hand' in Latin, likely referring to the Two Fingers hiding below the Cathedral.