Elden Ring

Recurring Locations in the Lands Between

This web page provides information about the recurring locations in the Lands Between. It includes details about Castle Morne, Caria Manor, Redmane Castle, Shaded Castle, and Castle Sol. Discover where each of these locations is located and explore the fascinating landscapes of the Lands Between.

Where is Castle Morne located?

Castle Morne is located on the southern shore of the Weeping Peninsula.

Where can Caria Manor be found?

Caria Manor can be found by the northern border of Liurnia of the Lakes.

Where is Redmane Castle located?

Redmane Castle is located on the south-eastern corner of Caelid.

Where can Shaded Castle be found?

Shaded Castle is found by the northern cliffs of Altus Plateau.

Where is Castle Sol located?

Castle Sol can be found by the northern cliffs of Mountaintops of the Giants.