Elden Ring

Castellan Jerren in Elden Ring

Castellan Jerren is an NPC in Elden Ring who plays a significant role in the game's questline progression and the Radahn Festival.

Who is Castellan Jerren?

Castellan Jerren is an NPC in the game Elden Ring. He is the elderly castellan of Redmane Castle.

What is Jerren's role in the game?

Jerren serves as an NPC and co-operator in Redmane Castle. He is also known as Witch-Hunter Jerren.

What is Jerren's backstory?

Jerren was a nomadic warrior who became a guest of the Carian Royal Family. He made a promise to kill Sorceress Sellen, a sorceress who had long been a hindrance to the Carians.

What is the Radahn Festival?

The Radahn Festival is a celebration of war honoring the last battle and death of General Radahn, the mightiest demigod of the Shattering, and bearer of a Great Rune.

What happens during the Radahn Festival?

During the Radahn Festival, champions from across the Lands Between are attracted to Redmane Castle by promising a battle against General Radahn and a chance to claim his Great Rune.

What is Jerren's questline progression?

Jerren's questline progression involves encounters in Redmane Castle, Witchbane Ruins, and the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

What are Jerren's dialogue lines?

Jerren has various dialogue lines, including those related to the Radahn Festival, Sellen, and the festival champion.