Elden Ring

Carian Royal Family and Their History

The Carian Royal Family, known for their magic use and glintstone sorceries, originated from the mist-laden region in the west of the Lands Between. They reached their peak under Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, and were closely associated with the western coast of Liurnia. The family was served by magic preceptors and enchanted knights, and their history involved significant events such as the siege of Caria Manor and the current plans of the last Carian Princess, Ranni.

Where did the Carian Royal Family originate from?

The Carian Royal Family originated from the mist-laden region in the west of the Lands Between, known as Liurnia of the Lakes.

Who was Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon?

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, was a prominent champion who charmed the academy with her lunar magic, becoming its master. She also led the Glintstone Knights and established the house of Caria as royalty.

What were the locations of importance associated with the Carian Royals?

The Carian Royals were closely associated with the western coast of Liurnia, which is the location of their estate, the Caria Manor, as well as the Three Sisters region immediately behind it. Another important location was the Carian Study Hall, a large library in eastern Liurnia that connects to the region's Divine Tower of Liurnia.

What were the enchanted knights known for?

The enchanted knights, anointed by the Lunar Queen, were heroes of the highest honors and served as direct retainers to the kingdom's princesses. Their swords were embedded with blue glintstone, and they combined this art with their swordsmanship to maintain pressure upon their foes, striking in waves of steel and sorcery.

Who was Loretta, and what was her role?

Loretta was once a royal Carian knight and served as a personal guard to Carian royalty. She was known for her favored weapon, the bow, and developed sorceries imitating the power of a greatbow.

What were the consequences of the matrimonial union between Radagon and Rennala?

The matrimonial union and reconciliation between the houses of the Erdtree and the Full Moon eventually had grave consequences for the Carians, as it was during the age of the Erdtree that Carian astrology withered on the vine.

What were the events surrounding the siege of Caria Manor?

The war eventually led to the siege of Caria Manor, where the Carians managed to repel the onslaught by conjuring a powerful enchanted snare that remains potent to this day.

What were the current events involving the last Carian Princess, Ranni?

The last Carian Princess, Ranni, made her way back to her family's ancestral home, where she gathered her allies and vassals in order to set her own plans into motion.