Elden Ring

Capital Outskirts

The Capital Outskirts is a sub-region located in Altus Plateau. It is the area surrounding Leyndell, the city of the Erdtree. During The Shattering, the Outskirts were heavily affected by war and still bear the scars of the conflict. They are filled with remnants of the battlegrounds, such as abandoned encampments, wooden trebuchets in ruins, and giant censers protruding from the ground. The Capital Outskirts also feature dungeons, landmarks, and Sites of Grace, offering various points of interest and exploration opportunities.

What is Leyndell?

Leyndell is the city of the Erdtree located in Altus Plateau.

What happened to the Capital Outskirts during The Shattering?

The Outskirts were ravaged by war during The Shattering and are still strewn with corpses and abandoned encampments.

What can be found in the Capital Outskirts?

The Capital Outskirts have several dungeons, landmarks, and Sites of Grace. The dungeons include Auriza Hero's Grave, Auriza Side Tomb, and Sealed Tunnel. The landmarks include Hermit Merchant's Shack, Minor Erdtree (Capital Outskirts), Minor Erdtree Church, Divine Tower of West Altus, and Divine Tower of East Altus. The Sites of Grace include Outer Wall Phantom Tree, Outer Wall Battleground, Capital Rampart, Hermit Merchant's Shack, Auriza Side Tomb, Auriza Hero's Grave, Sealed Tunnel, Divine Tower of West Altus: Gate, and Divine Tower of West Altus.