Elden Ring

Bull-Goat Greaves

Bull-Goat Greaves is a set of armor for the legs in ER. They weigh 16.4 units and provide high poise. The greaves have a robustness of 51 and physical defense of 11.9. They feature a gold bull-goat motif and are sourced from Great Horned Tragoth, a renowned knight of assistance in the Lands Between.

What is the weight of the Bull-Goat Greaves?

The Bull-Goat Greaves weigh 16.4 units.

What is the physical defense of the greaves?

The physical defense of the Bull-Goat Greaves is 11.9.

What is the significance of the bull-goat motif on the greaves?

The Bull-Goat Greaves feature a gold bull-goat motif and provide high poise.

Who is Tragoth?

Tragoth is a famed knight of assistance known for aiding Tarnished in the Lands Between.