Elden Ring

Bull-Goat Armor

The Bull-Goat Armor is a chest armor piece found in ER. It provides defense against physical and elemental attacks, as well as immunity and robustness. The armor also enhances focus, vitality, and poise. Its unique feature is a pair of giant horns that cover the wearer, providing staunch poise. The Great Horned Tragoth, a famed knight of assistance, is associated with this armor.

Where can I find the Bull-Goat Armor in ER?

The Bull-Goat Armor can be found by defeating the Great Horned Tragoth in the Volcano Manor.

What are the special features of Bull-Goat Armor?

The Bull-Goat Armor covers the wearer with a pair of giant horns, providing staunch poise. Tragoth, the Great Horned One, is a famed knight of assistance known for helping Tarnished survivors in the Lands Between.