Elden Ring

Blade of Calling

Blade of Calling is a melee armament dagger found in ER. It has a unique skill called Blade of Gold, which allows the user to shoot golden flame projectiles at enemies. The weapon has a physical power of 71 and a holy power of 43. It provides physical guarding of 31, magic guarding of 18, and a guard boost of 15. The Blade of Calling requires a strength of 6, dexterity of 13, and faith of 15 to use.

Where can I find the Blade of Calling in ER?

The Blade of Calling is hidden within a room that can only be reached by taking the elevator ride that leads down to the Forbidden Lands grace, alongside the Official's Attire.

What is the unique skill of the Blade of Calling?

The unique skill of the Blade of Calling is called Blade of Gold. It allows the user to leap into the air and charge the armament with golden flames, which are then shot at the enemy as a single, blade-like projectile. This skill inflicts holy damage.