Elden Ring

Blackflame Monk Gauntlets

The Blackflame Monk Gauntlets is an armor piece found in Elden Ring. It is dropped by Blackflame Monk enemies and has a weight of 3.9. The gauntlets provide various defenses such as physical, magic, fire, lightning, and holy. They also offer immunity, robustness, focus, vitality, and poise.

Where can I find the Blackflame Monk Gauntlets?

The gauntlets can be found as a drop from Blackflame Monk enemies

What is the weight of the gauntlets?

The gauntlets have a weight of 3.9

What are the stats of the gauntlets?

The gauntlets provide physical defense of 3.3, vs_strike defense of 2.8, vs_slash defense of 3.6, vs_pierce defense of 3.2, magic defense of 2.5, fire defense of 3.2, lightning defense of 1.9, holy defense of 2.5, immunity of 11, robustness of 18, focus of 7, vitality of 11, and poise of 4.