Elden Ring

Beast Claw - Spell in ER

Beast Claw is an incantation spell in ER that creates beast claws to tear through the land. It has a FP cost of 8 and requires 1 spell slot and a faith requirement of 10. The potency of the spell can be enhanced by charging it. Beast Claw represents the fury and restless agitation of Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman.

What is the effect of Beast Claw?

Beast Claw creates beast claws that tear through the land.

How much FP does Beast Claw cost?

Beast Claw has a FP cost of 8.

What are the requirements to use Beast Claw?

Beast Claw requires 1 spell slot and a faith stat of 10.

Can the potency of Beast Claw be enhanced?

Yes, charging the spell enhances its potency.

What does Beast Claw represent?

Beast Claw represents Gurranq's fury and restless agitation.