Elden Ring

Beast Champion Helm - ER Wiki

The Beast Champion Helm is a head armor piece in the game ER. It provides various defense stats and can be acquired through specific in-game actions.

What is the weight of the Beast Champion Helm?

The helm has a weight of 7.5.

What are the defense stats of the helm?

The helm provides physical defense of 6.3, strike defense of 5.9, slash defense of 6.8, pierce defense of 6.7, magic defense of 4.6, fire defense of 4.9, lightning defense of 4.6, and holy defense of 4.8.

How can I acquire the Beast Champion Helm?

The helm can be acquired by killing Recusant Bernahl north of the Great Bridge in Crumbling Farum Azula. It can also be obtained at the Warmaster's Shack if the player never joined Volcano Manor and killed Praetor Rykard.