Elden Ring

Beast Champion Gauntlets - ER Armor

The Beast Champion Gauntlets are a set of silver gauntlets engraved with tiny beasts. They are worn by Bernahl the Recusant. The gauntlets provide good defense against physical, magical, and elemental damage. They can be acquired by defeating Recusant Bernahl or found at the Warmaster's Shack.

Where can I find the Beast Champion Gauntlets?

The Beast Champion Gauntlets can be acquired by killing the invader Recusant Bernahl north of the Great Bridge in Crumbling Farum Azula. They can also be found at the Warmaster's Shack if the player never joined Volcano Manor and killed Praetor Rykard.

What are the stats of the Beast Champion Gauntlets?

The physical defense of the gauntlets is 4.4, while the defense against strike, slash, and pierce attacks is 4.1, 4.7, and 4.6 respectively. The gauntlets also provide 3.2 defense against magic, fire, lightning, and holy damage. They have an immunity stat of 19, robustness of 30, focus of 14, vitality of 13, and poise of 6.