Elden Ring

Aureliette - ER NPC

Aureliette is an NPC in ER who can be found in the Stargazers' Ruins. She is a Spirit Jellyfish waiting for her sister Aurelia, with whom she made a promise to see the stars when they turned fourteen. Aureliette has 1,080 HP and drops 100 Runes. The quest items related to Aureliette are Spirit Jellyfish Ashes and Primal Glintstone Blade. There are also gravestones nearby belonging to Aureliette and Aurelia. Aureliette's dialogue is available in both English and Japanese.

Where can I find Aureliette in ER?

Aureliette is located in the Stargazers' Ruins.

Who is Aureliette waiting for?

Aureliette is waiting for her sister Aurelia.

What was the promise Aureliette made with Aurelia?

Aureliette and Aurelia promised to see the stars when they turned fourteen.

What are the drops from Aureliette?

Aureliette drops 100 Runes.