Elden Ring

ER Ashes (Spirit Ashes) - Summoning Spirits and Upgrading Ash

Ashes, also known as Spirit Ashes or Ashen Remains, are items in ER that allow players to summon spirits to fight alongside them. This guide provides information on how to summon spirits, upgrade ash, and the role of Rebirth Monuments in the process.

How do you summon spirits in ER?

To summon spirits, you need to have the Spirit Calling Bell and be within the radius of a Rebirth Monument. Then, use the desired ash directly from your inventory.

What do ashes do in ER?

Ashes in ER allow the player to summon spirits that can fight alongside them.

Can ashes in ER be upgraded?

Yes, each ash in ER can be upgraded to a maximum of +10 using Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort.

What are Rebirth Monuments in ER?

Rebirth Monuments are small obelisks that appear across the land in ER. They are required to summon spirits using ashes.