Elden Ring

Ash of War: Spinning Slash - Item Details

Ash of War: Spinning Slash is an Ash of War in the game. It grants the Heavy affinity and the skill Spinning Slash, usable on swords, axes, and polearms.

What is the name of the item?

The item is called Ash of War: Spinning Slash.

What type of item is it?

The item type is Ash of War.

What is the item effect?

The item has the Ash item effect.

How much FP does it cost to use?

The item costs 6+12 FP to use.

What affinity does the item have?

The item has the Keen affinity.

Where can I obtain the item?

The item can be purchased from Bernahl at Warmaster's Shack for 1,200 gold.