Elden Ring

Aristocrat Hat - Armor Piece in ER

The Aristocrat Hat is a head armor piece in ER. It is a leather hat decorated with a withered feather and was worn by nobles in the capital. The hat is part of the travel attire worn by nobles and belonged to a family claiming a knight as an ancestor. After the Shattering, the nobles abandoned their birthplace and became undead wanderers. The Aristocrat Hat has a weight of 3.0 and provides various stats such as physical, magic, and immunity.

Where can I find the Aristocrat Hat?

The Aristocrat Hat has a chance to drop from Wandering Noble enemies that wear it. There are two Wandering Noble enemies following a torch bearer immediately north of the Mistwood Outskirts Site of Grace.

What are the stats of the Aristocrat Hat?

The Aristocrat Hat provides the following stats: physical - 3.1, vs strike - 3.1, vs slash - 2.8, vs pierce - 3.1, magic - 3.8, fire - 4.0, lightning - 3.8, holy - 3.1, immunity - 22, robustness - 14, focus - 18, vitality - 20, and poise - 1.

What is the buy price and sell price of the Aristocrat Hat?

The buy price of the Aristocrat Hat is not specified. The sell price is 10.