Elden Ring

Aristocrat Garb - ER Armor

The Aristocrat Garb is a chest armor in ER. It is an altered armor with a weight of 4.9. This garb provides physical and magical defense, as well as resistance against various types of damage. It has different stats like immunity, robustness, focus, vitality, and poise. The Aristocrat Garb can be obtained as a drop from certain enemies. Its description highlights its high quality and connection to nobles in the capital, but also mentions the tattered state and the undead wearing it.

Where can I find the Aristocrat Garb?

The Aristocrat Garb can be obtained as a drop from Wandering Nobles that wear it, such as the Sorcerer type. Two Sorcerer Wandering Nobles can be found to the east and north of the Agheel Lake South Site of Grace.

What is the description of the Aristocrat Garb?

The description of the Aristocrat Garb states that it is a high quality garb adorned with fine golden embroidery. It is the travel attire worn by nobles in the capital, but it is terribly faded and tattered. It mentions that the undead wearing this garb are the pitiful product of undending life, abandoning their birthplace after the Shattering.