Elden Ring

Alluring Pot

The Alluring Pot is a craftable, consumable tool in ER that creates a pale shadow. The illusion of the Alluring Pot can lure and distract foes, particularly human foes outside of combat, and demi-humans even during combat.

What is the Alluring Pot used for?

The Alluring Pot creates a pale shadow which can lure and distract foes.

How can I obtain the Alluring Pot?

The Alluring Pot is a craftable item that can be made using a ritual pot.

How many Alluring Pots can I hold?

A player can hold a maximum of 10 Alluring Pots.

What is the FP cost of using the Alluring Pot?

Using the Alluring Pot consumes 11 FP.

What is the maximum number of Alluring Pots that can be stored?

A player can store a maximum of 600 Alluring Pots.