Elden Ring

Albinauric Shield

The Albinauric Shield is a medium shield in {{ER}}. It has a tall oval shape and is made of metal. The shield is carried by young Albinaurics and features ornamentation representing a primordial drop of dew. It excels at negating magic damage and was primarily used by Albinaurics to counter sorcerers.

What type of shield is the Albinauric Shield?

The Albinauric Shield is a medium shield.

What is the attack type of Albinauric Shield?

The attack type of Albinauric Shield is strike.

What are the stats of Albinauric Shield?

The Albinauric Shield has 78 physical power, 0 magic power, 0 fire power, 0 lightning power, and 0 holy power. It also has 100% critical rate, 100% physical guarded, 61% magic guarded, 42% fire guarded, 23% lightning guarded, and 47% holy guarded. It provides a guard boost of 42. It scales with strength (scaling rank D) and requires a strength stat of 11.

What skills does Albinauric Shield have?

The Albinauric Shield has the skill 'Parry'.

How much does Albinauric Shield weigh?

The Albinauric Shield weighs 4.5 units.

How can I acquire Albinauric Shield?

You can acquire the Albinauric Shield by defeating Albinauric enemies.