Elden Ring

Ainsel River Well

Ainsel River Well is a location in the Liurnia of the Lakes region of the game ER. It is an eastern structure that contains a lift leading to the subterranean Ainsel River. The only enemy encountered here is the Guardian Golem. Players can also find crafting materials like Erdleaf Flower and Rowa Fruit in this location.

Where is Ainsel River Well located?

Ainsel River Well is located in eastern Liurnia.

What can be found in the well?

The well contains a lift that leads to the subterranean Ainsel River.

Are there any enemies in this location?

Yes, the only enemy in this location is the Guardian Golem.

What crafting materials can be found in the Ainsel River Well?

Crafting materials found in this location include Erdleaf Flower and Rowa Fruit.