Elden Ring


This JSON provides detailed information about the item 'About_Multiplayer' in the game ER, including its type, sub-type, maximum quantity, item effect, description in English and Japanese, acquisition details, and associated gallery.

What is the title of the item?

What is the Japanese name of the item?


What type of item is it?


What is the sub-type of the item?


What is the maximum quantity of this item that can be held?


What is the item_effect of this item?

Information about multiplayer

What is the description of the item in English?

You will need certain items to participate in each type of multiplayer: cooperative, invasion, or competitive. Select "Multiplayer" from the main menu to see your multiplayer items. You can also use them directly from this menu. <?keyicon@28?>: <?keyActName@28?>

What is the description of the item in Japanese?

協力、侵入、敵対マルチプレイには それぞれ対応したアイテムが必要になる マルチプレイ用のアイテムは メインメニュー「マルチプレイ」で確認でき そこから直接使用することもできる <?keyicon@28?>:<?keyActName@28?>

How can the item be obtained?


Is there a gallery associated with this item?

Yes, there is a gallery with an unblurred version of the icon.