GL 53A System

The GL 53A system is a G5 spectral class star system with a temperature of 5575. It has a mass of 0.93 and a radius of 647559. The system has a magnitude of 5.77 and consists of 6 planets and 1 moon.

Which spectral class does the system belong to?

The system belongs to the G5 spectral class.

What is the temperature of the system?

The temperature of the system is 5575.

What is the mass of the system?

The mass of the system is 0.93.

What is the radius of the system?

The radius of the system is 647559.

What is the magnitude of the system?

The magnitude of the system is 5.77.

How many planets are in the system?

There are 6 planets in the system.

How many moons are in the system?

There is 1 moon in the system.